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David Quamenn’s work is a reflection of his beliefs—that humanity and the natural world are deeply intertwined. From Mike Fay’s Megatransect, to the recovery of Gorongosa National Park, and even a retelling of the life of a Serengti lion, David has been sharing the stories of others with National Geographic for over 20 years. For his impactful storytelling, he was honored with the 2019 Eliza Scidmore Award—link in our bio to read more. 📷: @erikalarsen888


Human-centered AI is at the core of scientist Fei-Fei Li’s work. In her own words, she believes that technology should “benefit human lives—not just for convenience, but for well-being, for dignity, for community, for society.” She emphasizes the need for diversity in research and is an innovator and trailblazer in her field. For her outstanding work in AI, Fei-Fei was awarded the 2019 Further Award—check out the link in our bio to read more. 📷: @philipmontgomery


The Amazon rainforest, home to 10 percent of Earth’s animal species, is on fire. 9,000 wildfires were spotted as of last week, and smoke from the flames is even visible from space. “It isn’t just a matter of saving the Amazon for itself,” says National Geographic Explorer Thiago Sanna Freire Silva (@thi_sanna_silva  ). “It's a matter of saving us from the terrible consequences of not having the Amazon anymore.” As a global change biologist, Thiago studies how climate change impacts ecological processes in the tropical wetlands of the Amazon basin. He explains, “The Amazon is not ‘just’ the largest tropical forest, the most biodiverse, and one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Its existence directly shapes the climate of most of South America, especially Brazil.” 📸: National Geographic Explorer Pablo Albarenga (  ) #AmazonFires#AmazonRainforest



An international, female-led expedition team went out to study plastic pollution in one of the world’s most iconic waterways—the Ganges River. Water team member Emily Duncan (@Em_Dunkers  ) shared: “The goal of the expedition was to better understand the generation and input of plastic pollution into the Ganges river system along its whole length. This was done in a multidisciplinary way bringing together an amazing team with diverse expertise to look at the issue on land, in the river and within the communities along it.” Tap the link in our bio to learn more. #PlanetOrPlastic#ExpeditionPlastic  Photo by: @SaraHyltonPhoto



The Amazon rainforest is burning at record rates, with fires so huge that @nasa  captured this satellite image of the smoke from space. “Any forest destroyed is a threat to biodiversity and the people who use that biodiversity,“ says Thomas Lovejoy, an ecologist and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large. Link in our bio to read more. ⠀⠀ 📸: NASA Earth Observatory, Lauren Dauphin, using MODIS data from NASA EOSDIS/LANCE and GIBS/Worldview and VIIRS data from NASA EOSDIS/LANCE and GIBS/Worldview, and the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership. #AmazonRainforest#AmazonFire


Explorer Olivier Nsengimana has helped release 156 grey crowned cranes, 30% of the current population in Rwanda, back into the wild. At #NatGeoFest  , he shared his mission to end the illegal trade of this lesser-known species. Link in bio to watch. Photo by: Michael Maguire



Friendly reminder, Explorers: Don’t forget your long clothing, bed nets, repellants and preventative medication if you’re getting up close and personal with mosquitoes in the field. Today marks #WorldMosquitoDay  , the anniversary of Nobel Prize winner Sir Ronald Ross’ discovery that female mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans, a turning point in the treatment of the disease. 📷: @JoelSartore  , founder of the National Geographic #PhotoArk


It’s #WorldPhotographyDay  ! At @NGPhotoCamp  , world-class @NatGeo  photographers teach students and young people how to use photography to tell their own stories, explore the world around them and develop deep connections with others.  Follow @NGPhotoCamp  to see these students’ work, read their stories and be inspired by the next generation of photojournalists. Photo taken by @ErikaLarsen888  during a Photo Camp in Malta.


Did you know the Sumatran orangutan is critically endangered? Explorer and leading conservationist Panut Hadisiswoyo is working to secure areas so this species can live without danger. As the founder of @OrangutanInformationCentre  , his work includes everything from wildlife rescue to forest restoration, all with a community-integrated approach. #WorldOrangutanDay  Photo by: Craig Jones



Explorer and paleontologist Bolor Minjin played a pivotal role in returning over 30 illegally traded dinosaur fossils to Mongolia. Her work sends her to fossil sites in some of the country's most remote areas, where no one except wildlife lives. There are advantages to being in a place without distractions: "It is nice not to have a set schedule or appointments," says Bolor. But still, there are things she misses when she's away. While her camping site is fully stocked with food and water, she does wish she could have ice cream and cold drinks in the field. #ExplorersInRemotePlaces    Photo by: Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs


What’s all the buzz about? We’re celebrating #WorldHoneybeeDay  with one of our newest 2019-2020 @the_fulbright_program  National Geographic Storytelling Fellows, Melanie Kirby. This year she will travel across Spain to survey bee mating behaviors and develop insight into how honeybees are adapting to shifting environmental stressors.


It is Grosvenor Teacher Fellow @jenchavezmillerexpedition  ’s goal to inspire students to lifelong stewardship and a sense of responsibility for local and global conservation. Shaped by her own experiences traveling and meeting people, she creates opportunities for her own students to get out of the classroom so they can connect with the world. More about providing space for students ➡️

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