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Since Friday is technically part of “the weekend”, I would argue that the “work week” should be shortened to Monday-Thursday. All those in favor say “i”....😸 ⚒ #iDissent#OwRow#BringBackTheGavelemoji  . . . . . . . . #chihuahua#chihuahuasofinstagram#chihuahuastagram#chihuahuafanatics#chihuahualove#chilove#dogsofinstagram#ilovemydog#petstagram#petsofinstagram#ig_pets#cutechihuahuas  #dogoftheday#instapets#chihuahualand#chihuahua_land#onlychihuahuas#only_chihuahuas#ruthbaderginsburg#rbg#rbg4life#notoriousrbg#notoriousRBGD

NY Public Library

Positively glowing. ✨ . . . Pretty sure the ✨ has become my fave emoji, if only because they got rid of the gavel #bringbackthegavelemoji  . What’s your current fave? . . . . . @mayatjn   Florals: @the_flower_district   MUA: @liza_ray   Bridal Shop: @lizaraynewyork   Gown: @ave.dress



mike definitely outdid me this time when he won the state tournament in our event. congratulations, mike and to everyone that competed! #bringbackthegavelemoji


When I describe you to other people, I say things like: He's a good man. The smartest person I've ever met. He's a lawyer, but he doesn't take sides. He's all about acts of service. He's funny and nerdy. We've been through a lot together. He'll always be my friend. (And they're always impressed that we are still friends. I'm proud of us, too.) In my own mind, though, I think things like (and I'm already wiping tears away just thinking about it): You're the best man I've ever met -- and maybe ever will. You weigh every decision thoughtfully and justly. You have more sense and compassion than anyone I know, and I continue to look to you to keep me balanced and level-headed. You know how to make me laugh, you're a happily ever-learning father to our fur baby, Penny, and you're the most loyal friend. I consider myself lucky to ever have met you, to have become your friend, and then your best friend, and then your partner. And although we don't live under the same roof, you are home. I could never tell you what an impact you've had on my life, but hopefully you see it. You've been my best friend for eight years and counting, and I am a better person -- hands down -- knowing you. If you have even the slightest impact on those around you as you do me, I know you'll shred your 30s just like you shred the dance floor. Happy 30th birthday, James Leelur Weaver. Cheers to you and your drive to make the world a better place, one day and one trial at a time. We'd be a more peaceful planet if we had more men like you. 👨🏼‍⚖️ (<-- what happened to the gavel emoji, and why does this judge have such a creepy 'stache?)

Rayburn House Office Building

I tried to skip 🌎 emoji day....overruled!What happened to the gavel emoji?👨‍⚖️⚖️ #worldemojiday#emoji#bringbackthegavelemoji



When you're lurking and you almost double tap the pic.....abort abort! Exit page left head ass😂😂hahaaa thanks for the #behindthescenes  footage mama. You are quick on your feet! 😍😘❤ @shayla_nyree  OAN: Queens Gathering event in the works #staytuned  😃 get your #allwhite  ready ladies😘


"Always remember the why. Why you wanted to come to law school." #BringBackTheGavelEmoji


The 23.21 cup of #tea  - dedicated to those parents still trying to get a child to #bed  💤💤 ( I blame the #moon  btw 🌝)



I fulfilled my civic duty today and voted so can that please somehow cancel out my jury duty tomorrow 😩 #bringbackthegavelemoji#ctprimary


I went with mom to the courthouse to drop off her Bar application and they made me an honorary judge! Just call me Chief Justice Gus! First order of business, #BringBackTheGavelEmoji


The cover is out! 😁🎉👑👵💝 #bringbackthegavelemoji


Jane M. Bolin was the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School, the first to join the New York City Bar Association, the first to work in the office of the New York City corporation counsel, and the first black female judge in the United States. She served on the Family Court bench for 40 years before retiring at age 70 - only because she had reached the mandatory retirement age. #theladyjudge#trailblazer#rolemodel  #thisiswhataproperrolemodellookslike#smartwomenruntheworld#shutupbeyonce#readmore#stoptwerkingandgettowork#betteryourself#beautyandbrains#youcanhaveitall#womenwithgavels#blackwomenwithgavels#lessselfiesmoreselfimprovement#bethechange#bringbackthegavelemoji  🔨🔨


Got my badge, so I'm feelin' legit now 😩😭🙏🙌🙌🙌 #BringBackTheGavelEmoji

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